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Host/Producer Ci Ci Foster is a multi-faceted entertainment powerhouse who is gaining worldwide acclaim   for her vast achievements in the film and literary industries. The successful film producer,actress, author, entrepreneur and urban relationship expert has been captivating the hearts of film and urban book fans around the world since she stepped on the scene and Hollywood is taking notice.

Foster is quickly gaining recognition as one of the hardest working mothers in the entertainment business, and is building her empire from the ground up. Destined for greatness, the wife and mother of two is proving that she can have it all and do it all!

While attending Chicago State University to obtain her B.A. degree in Psychology, Foster developed an unrelenting passion for theatre, and knew acting was her calling when she participated in a question and answer session for Rap So Dee, an off Broadway production. Since she stepped onstage, Foster has been dazzling audiences with her unique talent and stage presence, and has worked in a number of indie films including Wages of Sin, This is the Remix, and The Piano Lesson to name a few.

Since her introduction to the entertainment world, Foster wears many hats in the industry, and she does so with humble perfection. Her charm and beauty has granted her the opportunities to be featured in a variety of national print ads and commercials including Meijers, Walgreens, and Euro-Pro Vacuum.

More than just a pretty face, Mrs. Foster is also a business woman who, with the help of fellow actress Mashari Laila Bain, co-owns her own production company, Flower Goddess Productions, a company that provides empowering roles for actors and actresses of color. She has successfully produced and released I Heart Hollywood, a hot new documentary that reveals the real life struggles of 14 actresses in Hollywood.

Foster’s interest in writing  began in 2004 when she started writing short stories. She just released her debut novel titled, Sunny Rain, a real-life fiction tale that is gaining media attention and rave reviews.

She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two daughters, and is currently working on her new novel, Hollywoodn’t. For more details, visit


Creator/Producer Kevin L. Foster was born and raised in  the south suburbs of Chicago. After 16 years of service, he walked away from his high profile position at Ford Motor Company to relocate his family to Los Angeles where he founded 4 Hearts Publications.

 His publishing debut, Sunny Rain by Ci Ci Foster has received high acclaim from book critics, fans, and media including write ups in The Chocolate Voice, People You Should Know Magazine, POV Magazine and Gloss Magazine to name a few.

 In 2007, Foster partnered with Flower Goddess Productions to co-produce the highly anticipated documentary, I Heart Hollywood, which follows the ups and downs of 14 actresses struggling to make it in the industry.

Foster is also the brain-child behind Digg into Books, a first-of-its-kind traveling reality based show that combines entertaining interviews with book clubs and authors from around the world.

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Director/producer Rebecca Hu was raised in Toronto, Canada. After graduating with a degree in Psychology and a double major in cinema and English literature she ultimately decided to pursue a dream of becoming a filmmaker, a journey that eventually took her to Los Angeles where she currently resides. Having worn different hats including writer, assistant director, editor, production manager, producer, and director on close to 100 productions, she currently devotes the majority of her time between producing and directing.

In 2005, Rebecca Hu was the proud recipient of the prestigious Diversity in broadcasting Award presented by WIFT-T (Women in Film & Television-Toronto) In 2006, she established the production company KungFu-Barbie Productions with the core mission of creating “kick ass” films from a female perspective. Bilingual in English and Chinese and raised in the multicultural environment of Toronto, she aims at fostering a bride of communication between various cultures through her artistic endeavors. You can learn more about her by visiting her website at